Muay Thai 🇹🇭 Legend & World Champion 🏆 Lamsongkran

Ok here’s the 2nd of 3 🔥major announcements🔥. Lamsongkran aka the Elbow 💪🏼 King 👑 , Muay Thai 🇹🇭 Legend, World Champion 🏆and also trainer to MMA pound for pound king GSP (Georges St. Pierre) said one of the most honourable things I have heard in a very long time. .

Lam said to me he loves ❤️ DCS, loves ❤️ the people at the gym & our DCS Family and he loves ❤️ Vancity so much that he wants to finish his career with us at DCS. Wow!!! 😱😱😱😱 .

We are going to have Lam move to Vancity 🇨🇦 and become a full time permanent Muay Thai 🇹🇭 Instructor at DCS!!! 😱😱😱