Here’s Why Everybody Should Take Boxing Classes


Thinking about taking boxing classes in Vancouver? This article gives an overview of boxing classes many benefits, physically, mentally, and for real world self defence application.

Boxing, as both a sport and a form of self defence, has been around for millennia. Some of the earliest evidence of its practice dates back to Egypt around 3000 BC, and in 700 BC boxing would be introduced into the Olympics, where it has remained. In the present day, boxing has become a multi-billion dollar industry for professional fighters and fight promotion companies, as well as a core skill for people looking to train mixed martial arts. 

Boxing has been practiced since ancient times
Boxing class in Vancouver BC
Diaz Combat Sports founder Ryan “The Lion” Diaz with students at one of the boxing classes in Vancouver, BC.

There are countless people around the globe who study boxing not to fight on a professional or even amateur stage, but rather for its own sake. We will examine below some of the numerous benefits and applications boasted by boxing training. If it sounds of use to you, why not seek out one of the many quality spots to try boxing in Vancouver? You’ll be glad you did! 

Manny Sobral teaches boxing classes at Diaz Combat Sports in Vancouver
Former Olympian boxer and DCS instructor Manny Sobral trains students during boxing class


Video highlight of Diaz Combat Sports instructor and former Olympian boxer Manny Sobral

Diaz Combat Sports boxing coach Praise “The Technician” Vaughn demonstrates one of her favourite boxing combinations

Boxing has many applications outside of fighting. Simply taking boxing classes has many beneficial qualities, which include but are not limited to: 

  • It is great for self-defence. In a world where we rarely know what’s around the corner, it’s important to be able to defend yourself should the need arise. Learning boxing can not only improve your discipline and overall health, it can also mean you’ll be ready to capably defend yourself. Boxing is an extremely effective form of fighting. Boxing training should involve a certain amount of sparring, meaning that you will have useful experience on how to move, defend, and counterattack an opponent. 
  • The main health benefit to training boxing is that it offers an intense, full-body anaerobic workout. If your goal is to become more fit, boxing is an excellent way to pursue those ends. Boxing training will focus on areas such as endurance, strength, as well as speed and agility. This well rounded workout means that you’re training all these vital areas in tandem with one another. 
  • Taking boxing classes can also improve your mental health, giving a boost to both your self-confidence and your self-esteem. Just like anything else, boxing is a skill and as you develop and sharpen a new skill you experience a sense of achievement. As you become a more competent boxer, your endurance and technique will improve in accord with one another, a positive feedback loop that will see you excited to work harder.
  • When training boxing, you are also sharpening your bodily awareness, hand-eye coordination, and overall spatial awareness. The three of these are together referred to as ‘proprioception’, and its application as ‘kinaesthetic intelligence’. Becoming more competent in each of these areas requires the body and brain to communicate with one another more effectively, helping your brain to form increasingly efficient pathways. This mental workout has the potential to increase the working memory of the brain. 
  • Another benefit of attending a local boxing gym in Vancouver is that you get to meet new people. Boxing gyms are usually friendly environments where you’ll find people willing to aid you in training and support you in your goals. There will be people from all walks of life there for a number of different reasons —  you might bump into a professional boxer one day, and someone wanting to learn the sport for self-defence the next day.


DCS instructor Ronnie Jovillar demonstrates the overhand punch, one of the most debilitating punches in boxing

Admittedly, finding the right boxing gym in Vancouver can be intimidating, and a very tricky prospect if you’ve never boxed before. It can take a lot of confidence and willpower just to set foot in the gym. The hardest part of your boxing journey can very well be starting it. Before you step through those doors for the first time, you’re going to want to prepare yourself. You may not have to bring your own equipment, but it is advised that you get yourself some boxing gloves and hand wraps. 

You may also want to know what the typical structure of a boxing class in Vancouver is like.

A typical boxing class will consist of a warm-up at the start, usually involving skipping rope, before moving onto some shadow boxing. You will likely go over several simple techniques, and possibly work out some footwork and combinations with a partner using focus mitts or by yourself on the heavy bag. Following this, if you are confident in your skills you may participate in some sparring with other students.

Vancouver boxing class
Boxing classes s a great way to stay in shape and get a good workout


Vancouver boxing
A snapshot from one of the boxing classes in Vancouver at Diaz Combat Sports

Another benefit to starting boxing classes is that it can help teach you to bring your adrenaline under control. Remaining calm is the difference to whether you’ll succeed in high-pressure situations, or whether you’ll succumb to the pressure and fail. Adrenaline, as you may well know, promotes what is called a ‘fight or flight’ response. Most boxers will experience this sensation both in the lead up to and during a fight. With increased exposure to these types of situations, boxers learn how to manage their adrenaline and even their temper. 

A boxer fights off two thugs that were harassing him and his girlfriend

Hopefully you’re now well aware that, when it comes to your overall health and wellbeing, there are many more benefits to learning boxing than meets the eye. Far from being purely for the professional fighters, it can teach you self-discipline as well as self-defence. In addition to this, as you progress in your boxing journey you’ll find yourself gaining more and more confidence, which will transfer over to and prove beneficial in all other areas of life. There is no shortage of personal trainers in Vancouver, but seeking out a gym with a quality boxing program can be so tremendously beneficial that everyone should give it a try at least once.