How Martial Arts Can Bully Proof Children

Bullying is unfortunately quite common among school-going children in Vancouver. School becomes a frightening place for kids who are bullied, and they might feel weak and open to danger. Today, a lot of children struggle with this issue, and their parents often feel helpless as they are not able to defend their children in school. Having your child take kids kickboxing or BJJ classes can help with that.

As a parent, if your child is experiencing bullying and you are worried about how to protect them, there is one perfect solution: get your child enrolled in a martial arts program. Martial arts are beneficial for your child in many ways. First, it can teach them to defend themselves from an aggressive bully. Not only this, but they also learn how to identify and avoid compromising situations where they could be bullied. Moreover, martial arts teach children important life lessons that they can implement throughout their entire lives.

Kids kickboxing classes Vancouver
Shadowboxing during kids kickboxing class

Children Gain Confidence Through Martial Arts Training

Once you get your child enrolled in a martial arts program, they are going to learn new skills to defend themselves. In every class, they will experience progress and achievement by sharpening these skills through specific drills and techniques. When your child accomplishes the goal of developing their technique, they can begin to understand the satisfying relationship between practice and achievement —  a sure way to boost their confidence. Bullies typically target children who appear weak or insecure. Martial arts can give your child enough confidence that they will feel secure in their sense of self, and thus less vulnerable to bullying.


 Vancouver kids martial arts classes
Children who know martial arts are less likely to get picked on

Martial Arts Makes Children Disciplined

Most martial arts instructors and personal trainers in Vancouver will take time to focus on the significance of discipline, particularly for children. For instance, they might ask the children to stand at attention in a straight line in order to begin and close out each class. Such consistent, simple tasks can easily introduce them to simple elements of discipline. This discipline, coupled with the self-confidence discussed above, can help guide them to a life-long path of setting and achieving goals. Children who practice martial arts also better understand their limits and the limits of others — they understand what actions can trigger a bully, and how to avoid those circumstances. 


kids martial arts classes Vancouver BC
Kids learn to listen to their instructors while training martial arts


They Learn To Show Respect During Kids Martial Arts Classes

In almost every martial arts training program, children are taught to show respect to their peers and instructors. They learn respectful types of body language, as simple as bowing, or standing at attention, as well as positive shows of affirmation such as fist bumps and high-fives. Through all this, your child will come to understand how to treat and behave towards those people around them, irrespective of whether or not they are friends.  



Stretching after kids kickboxing class in Vancouver
Martial arts training helps instil the values of respect and humility in kids


When children learn to respect others, they also learn to respect themselves, which means they will be able to recognize when they are being bullied and stand up for themselves. Respect is a basic human right, and children should know this very well. Taking kids martial arts classes teaches children to respect themselves, and they understand that no one should be mistreated.

Kickboxing & BJJ Classes Teaches Kids To Defend Themselves

Martial arts training teaches your child how to defend themselves without being aggressive physically. Martial arts instructors often focus on the significance of self-defense only, emphasizing that using martial arts as a means to attack the opponent could be grounds for expulsion from class. In the event that your child cannot avoid a potentially violent confrontation, the knowledge that they know how to effectively and safely defend themselves (and others) can be a tremendous relief. Learning martial arts can also make your child capable enough to be responsible for their actions. This way, they can properly decide how to defend themselves in any given scenario. By defending well, their chances of being bullied should drop sharply.

Children practicing kicks in Vancouver BC
Kids that train martial arts are more confident and better equipped to deal with bullies


Training Martial Arts Makes Children More Sociable

When children spend time with others around them, they start making friends with those who have the same interests — including some who will be their lifelong friends. Being in the same field, they will become closer to each other and will also be exposed to different people with different personalities. All of this experience makes children quite sociable, helping them understand and be more empathetic towards others. The more social a child is, the less likely they are to be bullied and the more they will be able to get along with the children around them. Through this, children will forge friendships and surround each other with positivity.

After kids martial arts class in Vancouver
Martial arts training is fun, and helps children socialize and integrate into a group doing a positive activity


Groups shot after children's martial arts class in Vancouver
Kids kickboxing and kids BJJ classes are a good way to meet friends


Martial Arts Training Helps Children Set Their Goals

According to research, children who are poor performers at school or sports are often bullied. When they do not perform well in school life, they suffer from a lack of self-confidence, which sooner or later can lead to them being bullied.   


Kids winning after taking kids BJJ classes
Proud DCS kids after a BJJ competition


Child kickboxing champion Vancouver
DCS fight team member Colton Osbourne represents Canada on the national Canadian Muay Thai team


Martial arts training teaches children amazing lessons about setting their goals. Many martial arts include a belt grading system, which means children constantly work and try their level best to achieve the next belt. This type of grading system is excellent in terms of teaching them that they should work hard, putting forth a lot of effort in order to achieve their goals in life. These lessons are equally applicable in things like academics, hence making them less prone to bullying.

Martial Arts Helps Children Feel Content

Martial arts does not only teach a child respect, discipline, and confidence through techniques and drilling — it also lets them have a lot of fun! Children who find a martial art they enjoy always look forward to their next class. They remain eager to meet their teammates, learn new tricks from their favourite instructors, and have fun. They are happy and content with what they do and what they love!


Vancouver kids kickboxing classes
Taking kids BJJ classes or kids kickboxing classes is a fun, rewarding activity for children


Children who are unhappy and upset are among the easiest targets of bullies since they react very quickly, prompting the bully to provoke the further. Children who practice martial arts are likely to become positive people, exuding happiness and self-confidence enough to deter most bullies. 

Kids kickboxing Vancouver is fun
Children having a good time after kids kickboxing in Vancouver at Diaz Combat Sports


At this point, it should be very clear that martial arts training is one of the best ways to bully-proof a child. They will be happy, confident, and capable of defending themselves from a bully. So, if you suspect your child is being targeted by bullies at school (and even if you don’t!), find a martial arts gym in Vancouver and get them enrolled — you’ll be thrilled to watch how they grow! Diaz Combat Sports offers kids kickboxing, kids bjj, and kids wrestling classes.