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Learn authentic and real Muay Thai from Thailand. The art of 8 limbs is not only about punching, kicking, elbows and knees. It is about the culture, the history, the music, the yelling, the wai kru, the mongkon and so much more. Learn it from individuals who have lived it. Individuals who lived in Thailand, practiced and learned from the best that Muay Thai has to offer. Because we have many instructors in the classes, classes are split up into 4 groups (Introductory, Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced). This allows everyone to get the proper instruction and attention. We are so proud at DCS to have the top Muay Thai instructors in all of North America. We have the most accomplished North American to ever compete Muay Thai in Thailand. We also have authentic Thais from Thailand teaching Muay Thai at DCS. Learn proper Muay Thai today with the top Muay Thai program in all of Canada and North America.

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The art of hitting and not getting hit. Learn punching, head movement, foot work, angling, timing, counters and much much more at one of “best boxing gyms in Vancouver” ranked by the Daily Hive. With our head boxing Instructors Skipper Kelp (from Las Vegas is rated one of the best boxing coaches in the world, personal trainer to UFC President Dana White) and Manny Sobral (Best Boxer to ever come out of the city of Vancouver, Olympian and Professional World Champion) we have the honour of offering the best boxing program in Western Canada. Anyone can tell you to throw a punch, at DCS we not only tell you, we show you the proper way how. Others don’t have the ability to show you how to do it properly because they do not know how to themselves. DCS offers world class technique that you won’t find in the city of Vancouver.

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The art of Jiu-Jitsu is great for self-defense as it promotes where a smaller person can successfully defend themselves or another against a bigger, stronger, heavier assailant by using proper technique and leverage. And then if the fight was taken to the ground applying joint locks and chokeholds to defend themselves. At DCS we have the fortune of having 4 BJJ Black Belts. We offer beginner classes as well as nogi classes. Come learn from one of these masters today!

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Heavily popularized by the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships), MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world. MMA is exactly what it’s name says – a mixture of Martial Arts Kickboxing, Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu. Learn from a 2-time MMA World Champion who has competed all over the world in addition to training countless professional fighters including active and former fighters in the UFC. Learn the most up to date and top techniques from around the world here in Vancouver only at DCS.


1-Year Membership   $125/Month*
6-Month Membership  $150/Month**
1-Month Membership  $200/Month

Add Jiu-Jitsu OR Conditioning +$50/Month
Add Jiu-Jitsu AND Conditioning +$75/Month
(or $10 drop-in per class for DCS members)

1-Year Membership   $110/Month*
6-Month Membership  $125/Month**

Add Back to the Basics (for one Parent) +$50/Month

1-Year Membership   $125/Month*
6-Month Membership  $150/Month**

Add Striking OR Conditioning +$50/Month
Add Striking AND Conditioning +$75/Month
(or $10 drop-in per class for DCS members)

6-Month Membership  $125/Month**

Add Striking OR Jiu-Jitsu +$75/Month
Add Striking AND Jiu-Jitsu +$100/Month
(or $10 drop-in per class for DCS members)

Drop in class  $30

Pre-Paid (10 Classes) $20/Class ($200)
Prepaid (20 Classes)  $18/Class ($360)

* Prepaid cards are non-transferable/non-refundable and cannot be shared
* Passes are valid for purchasers only
* Prepaid cards are valid for 6 months (10 Class) and one year (20 Class) from date of purchase

Private Training
$40–$75 (30 min)
$80–$150 (60 min)

Private Group Sessions  (Please inquire within)

*   1 month extension for holidays or medical reason/60-Day Cancellation*
** 2 weeks extension for holidays or medical reason/30-Day Cancellation*
•  Extensions can only be used twice within a membership
•  Mandatory for students to purchase their own gloves at 1-month training
•  Glove Rentals Available for $2.00
•  All membership/prepaid cards are non-transferable
*  Cancellation must be confirmed by email or registered mail


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